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Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is the leading global standard for Programme Management. Owned by the UK Government, it is the pre-eminent guide for training, consulting and of course delivering of complex programmes.
Echolot’s Martin Wolf was the Principal Change Author of the 2011 Edition of MSP®, bringing his substantial experience to bear in enhancing the guidance on Benefits Management, Risk Management and Quality Assurance.

Benefits Management Updates 

Benefits Management is at the core of transformation initiatives. The guidance in this area was streamlined and simplified, clarifying the relationship between enabling projects, change and resultant benefits. New benefits taxonomy now makes it easier to kick start the benefits identification process. 

Benefits Management is now a proactive discipline that does not wait for miracles to happen but actively pulls programme capabilities and outputs to achieve organisational transformation.

Risk and Issue Management Updates 

Risk management has been revamped to become a much more integral part of any programme. The artificial distinction between risks and issues has been broken. 

We have introduced concepts like risk aggregation across the projects in a programme, based on our practical experience in portfolio management. With risk tolerance thresholds
, early warning indicators and a distinct issue management cycle, Risk and Issue Management has now become a much easier to apply discipline.

Quality and Assurance Management Updates 

The original Quality Management section has been amended with Assurance Management, driven by the current need of many organisations to assure their key initiatives remain aligned to the most advanced programme management principled and practices.

It includes more detail and focus on auditing programmes and measuring their effectiveness.


Gartner Consulting “applauds MSP” for the progress it has made on Quality Assurance and enthusiastically endorses the changes made to Risk and Benefits Management. Find the detailed report at Gartner Consulting. 

To download the MSP® Overview brochure, order the guide or read more about it, please visit the Official MSP® Website.

If you want to apply this latest knowledge in programme management, why not get in touch with us at martin.wolf@echolot.co.uk.

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